Mr. Park carried out corrective surgery on my right big toe joint (bunion), little toe joint (bunionette) and shortened the 2nd and 3rd toes in the Day Surgery Unit at Edgware Community Hospital. Having been put on Mr. Park’s list after having similar surgery on my left foot last year, Mr. Park was concerned that it might have been better to carry out the procedure at Chase Farm where there are in patient facilities as it was quite an undertaking, but proceeded as planned at my request. The procedures when well, but Mr. Park made an early follow up appointment as he was worried about me. His concern was appreciated. All has gone well and my right foot now closely resembles my left foot which will enable me to find appropriate and comfortable footwear to enable me to walk more. At my 6 week follow up he was very caring and made me feel that my well being and recovery mattered. He was professional but compassionate. He has asked to see me again in 6 weeks to monitor my progress which is reassuring.

Patient BF

25th April 2014