Every consultation I have had with Mr Park has been exemplary. His manner was pleasant and comfortable, he addressed all my concerns and described my condition in detail. I particularly appreciated that he reviewed my x-rays with me before and after operation and demonstrated with visual aids the operative technique he would be using. I presume every patient fears that...
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Patient KW

2nd August 2014

Mr Park was fantastic throughout from the initial consultation, the surgery and the follow up. I found Mr Park extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. He made me feel at ease on the day of the operation and did a great job. Mr Park was also very accessible. I had some hiccups during the recovery and emailed Mr Park whilst he was...
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Patient AM

31st July 2014

Dr Parks (sic) is very caring & very understanding, he performed his surgery to a high standard and a level of success. His surgery sounded very accurate and easy to understand, his overall level of care, I thought was at a high standard. As a patient I was happy with the outcome, I would highly recommend . Thankyou ..
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Patient FS

8th May 2014

Mr. Park carried out corrective surgery on my right big toe joint (bunion), little toe joint (bunionette) and shortened the 2nd and 3rd toes in the Day Surgery Unit at Edgware Community Hospital. Having been put on Mr. Park’s list after having similar surgery on my left foot last year, Mr. Park was concerned that it might have been better...
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Patient BF

25th April 2014

My experience with Mr Derek Park was excellent. I felt completely at ease with him. He explained everything in detail. My operation was carried out without any problems – his personal care was brilliant. There are only positive comments I can make about this consultant.
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11th April 2014

Mr Park is an outstanding consultant. He actually spent time listening to me and offered me various options to help ease my on going pain. Immediately after a decision was made about which procedure I would have, Mr Park sent me off to have x- rays and collect insteps, which have already helped me. During me preadmission appointment Mr Park...
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26th March 2014